Pre-holiday Travels

18 12 2007

It finally happened. My job sent me to Europe, the U.K., specifically. I went to a conference in Durham and then spent a day and a quarter in London. It was a lovely trip in spite of the cold, and both Roger and I had a great time. One thing that is not to be missed is riding the national rail across the English countryside. We took the train from London’s Kings Cross station all the way up to Durham, and we saw some of the most beautiful countryside.  Sheep, horses, and cows abound, and the grass is so lush and green — the most brilliant emerald color. In spite of our lack of sleep, we found it easy to stay awake and gape at all of the natural beauty.

The flight back to the States was not such a beautiful thing. Delays left both of us grumpy, and it wasn’t long before we were bickering. Luckily, we quickly got over our grumpiness after we had a bite to eat, because Roger had to hold my theoretical hair back while I vomited repeatedly during the landing. To say that the landing was bumpy would be an understatement. It was a roller coaster ride, and it didn’t take on the first try. The captain had to abort the approach, circle around, and attempt the landing once more. The second time wasn’t any less bumpy thanks to gale-force winds, and I’m the kind of person who can barely hold down my lunch during a leisurely drive. Needless to say, I made good use of both mine and Roger’s air sickness bags, and Roger was kind enough to assure me that it was not at all disgusting. Very sweet, as it was most assuredly gross. -Zahra



5 12 2007

I’ve done the blogging thing before, but it never stuck. I thought I’d give it another try, but this time as a joint effort. This is basically the blog of the Safavian/Hughlett family. We are what happens when two very different people meet, get married, and refuse to change their names or anything else about themselves. So, we are Roger Hughlett and Zahra Safavian, a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy from Joplin, Missouri and a very not-blonde Iranian girl born and raised in Washington, D.C. We are both a little crazy and a lot hot-tempered, and we can probably out-argue most people on this planet. We love each other and often hate each other, sometimes simultaneously.

But, we stay together for the sake of the cats. Kidding. We stay together, because no one else can understand either of us quite like the other can. And, we do have some things in common. We both share an utter disdain for most people. We are both militant pedestrians. Zahra likes to bake, and Roger likes to eat baked goods. We both like soup and snowpeas. And, quite frankly, we could talk or not talk for hours.