Long time, no write

28 07 2009

So we had the best of intentions to blog. It was all about us sharing our unique little take on the world. Coming at life together but from very different places. Alas, that was more than a year ago. How times have changed. Our backgrounds — one from small town midwest, one from big-city East Coast — had their asses wiped clean Jan. 7, 2009.

On that cold winter day in Arlington County, just up the road from our condo, Azita Safavian Hughlett was born… I’ll let Zahra share anything about that for the world to read. And I’ll share a bit more of it as time goes by.

Now, I think it’s good to set the stage: Two parents in love with a beautiful princess of a daughter who will likely grow up to ask me: How the hell did you and maman meet? Well, Azi, we met the day of the Gay Pride Parade in Baltimore. Your maman didn’t think I existed. It’s a long and wonderful story and now you are a big part of it.





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