9 08 2009

Azita recently started crawling and that got me thinking about milestones. I didn’t know this until our last visit to the pediatrician, but crawling actually isn’t a milestone anymore. I know, right? Every damn thing a baby could possibly do is a milestone, and everyone is obsessed with whether or not their baby reaches said milestones. And whether or not they reach them before baby Jones.

I mean, every time I post a picture of Azita, someone makes a comment that goes something like this: “Oh, I see she’s poking at her navel. That’s a milestone. Nice work!” And, sometimes I hear: “Oh nice. Azita’s babbling. Is she talking yet? My daughter was talking by {enter some ridiculously young age here}”  Now I’m more competitive than most — my sister says I’m cut-throat — but I draw the line at competing vicariously through my infant daughter. And, honestly, I know that everyone is proud of their child. I know I’m proud of every little thing Azita does, impressive or not. But, boasting that your five year old is reading at a 5th grade level just makes me feel annoyed at your five year old. And, it certainly does not make me think better of you.

To make a point, I once changed my Facebook status to “I’m pretty sure Azita is pooping at the 4th grade level.” No comment.




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