Dr. Martens don’t cut it

23 08 2009

The Midwestern contestant on Project Runway is gone. ( I just finished watching the first episode for the second time.) While I’m sorry for her and her family and fans, I’m more concerned with what this whole thing does for the rest of us from the Midwest.

We battle on a sometimes daily basis against the forces of the Northeast and West Coast. We are farmers even if we have never spent a night on a farm or baled a bale of hay. We are rednecks even if we are left of most liberals. We are hillbillies even if our moms never made squirrel stew. We are stuck in the 1980s or 1990s or 2000s —  depending on which decade we went to high school. We are the Rodney Dangerfields of fashion. And not just because most men from the Midwest are shaped like the man who could get no respect.

My wife still makes fun of me and my Midwest roots. Whenever I even consider wearing khakis to the office she reminds me how Midwestern I am and how I might want to grab a pair of jeans or flat-front slacks. And I generally agree with her and put on a pair of pants that flatter me and my shoes. ( I love shoes more than most women, it’s my cross to bear.) But every time she looks at me with her I’m From D.C. So Back The Fuck Up Eyes, I have to laugh. I mean, I was going to wear Dr. Martens with my khakis — That’s hip, right?




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