Things that go bump in the night

23 08 2009

A recent visit to my aunt’s house started me down the long, dark path of addiction. As I sat on my aunt’s couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon chatting about nothing in particular with my cousins, two words were uttered: True Blood. And, my life was changed forever.

I kid. My life was not changed forever. I’m not that bad off. But, the past two weeks have been a little more interesting, as Roger and I have slowly made our way through the first season. I was a fan of Six Feet Under, and I have to say that Alan Ball still has it.

As I was getting a haircut this morning, I couldn’t help blabbing on and on about the show to my stylist, who tends to like a lot of the same tv as me. “That’s the show about vampires and sex, right?”, he said. “Yeah, I guess so.”  The funny thing is I never noticed. A large percentage of every show is sex scene after sex scene, and I can see why people are getting themselves all hot and bothered (That Bill is one hot vampire!). But, it’s the vampire part I’ve been carried away with. Sometimes it seems nice to think of the possibility of vampires, shapeshifters and other things that go bump in the night, and there’s something about the gothic setting of the Deep South that makes it all more romantic and interesting.

What can I say? I probably read too much Faulkner as a teenager.




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23 08 2009

My current TV crush is Eric. He’s so dreamy. Swoon.

23 08 2009

At first I only had eyes for Bill, but I realized after the last episode I watched that Eric is really growing on me. I mean, he was a Viking. Who knew that being a Viking would make one swoon-worthy to me?

23 08 2009

Viking wins out over confederate soldier any day of the week.

25 08 2009
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