My October Shopping List

5 10 2009

The beginning of Fall always gets me in a buying mood. For one thing I see all the little kids out in their new clothes with their new backpacks and notebooks, and it makes me want some new stuff also. At the same time the weather starts to change, and I realize that I simply MUST have some new cool weather clothes and other Fall accessories. Here are some things I’ve been eyeing lately, and I feel pretty certain that some of this stuff will make a dent in my bank account this October.

An Ironic Coat
I’m a sucker for irony, and my personal style has always been to mix hard and soft, tough and feminine. This coat from Anthropologie fits the bill. It’s masculine, lumberjack-inspired fabric could not be in more contrast with the ultra-feminine cut and ruffles down the front. The cut is flattering also, and should work with my body type which is I think pretty similar to a lot of normal women out there.Anthropologie has a few other coats along the same vein. If you’re in love with this look but looking for cheaper alternatives, I’ve definitely seen some similarly inspired pieces at more budget-friendly stores, like Target. You may see me there perusing the lumberjack-chic, as I like to call it.


Birling Ruffle Coat from Anthropologie. Photo copyright owned by Anthropologie.

A Sweater Skirt and Opaque, Patterned Tights

There’s nothing like a sweater skirt to make me feel pretty and cozy on a brisk and blustery day, and this skirt is just the antidote I need for those days when I need a little pretty and cozy to get me through it all. This skirt is ultra-feminine with its flowery print, appliques and lace insert and best worn with some opaque, patterned tights and black platform shoes or chunky heels to give the outfit some edge. When it comes to tights, you can’t go wrong with Hue tights. I’ve been wearing them since high school, and they never fail to make a statement whether I’m using them to add a dose of color or a contrasting pattern. Of special interest this  Fall are the colorful, geometric-patterned, Hue tights designed by Trina Turk. They may seem to be for the bold, but I think even the less daring of us can get away with these designs when paired with a basic black outfit.

Always a Lady Skirt by Bo by Beaux Design. Photo copyright owned by Anthropologie.

Always a Lady Skirt by Bo by Beaux Design. Photo copyright owned by Anthropologie.

New School Supplies

Seeing all the school supplies lined up in the aisles at all the stores every September makes me itch for new stuff for my desk at work. I may not be in school anymore, but I’m still a sucker for school supplies.  I love a smooth-writing pen and a pretty, sturdy notebook. I’ll admit an obsessive penchant for the Precise V5 pen — I use nothing else — but I am a little more open to change when it comes to notebooks. The new Ecosystem notebooks sold exclusively at Barnes & Nobles are currently striking my fancy. They are very similar to Moleskin notebooks, but with an interesting twist. They’re made with completely recycled materials, and when you fill up the notebook they will recycle the notebook for you. It’s no Trapper Keeper, but I think these notebooks will do a fine job to inspire some interesting thoughts.

Finally, it’s officially the season. All I want to eat is soup, and my shopping list will definitely include some interesting ingredients to make some new and interesting soups to spice up my usual repertoire. Stay tuned for some soup recipes as I stumble across them. Right now I’m in search of something spicy in the vein of a curry laksa. If anyone has any good suggestions, please share.

P.S. A recipe for a vegetarian Khoresht-e Fesenjan using butternut squash is in the works and coming soon.




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