Jiggity Jig

16 10 2009

It’s the weekend! Have I mentioned that it’s the weekend? I’m doing a big happy dance right now because I really miss my baby, and in about one hour she will look up from whatever she’s playing with when I walk in the door to her daycare, give me a giant lopsided grin, and crawl over to me as fast as she can. Usually a gleeful shrieking noise accompanies this looking, grinning and crawling. It’s my favorite time of the day, and it’s almost here. Also, have I mentioned that it’s the weekend?

And while I’m mentioning things, have I mentioned how much I want this coat? Seriously, I’ve put it in my shopping cart, removed it, put it back in and removed it again about 10 times already in the past hour. It’s sort of like my very own version of the Red Ryder BB Gun. I’m pretty sure it will poke my eye out, but I still want it anyways.

Have a great weekend dear readers.




2 responses

16 10 2009

That is a great coat. It’s the $288 price tag that gets me!

16 10 2009

Cara, That’s why it keeps making its way back out of the cart. Maybe it will go on sale for half the price, and I’ll actually go through with the purchase. Dare to dream, right?

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