God Problems

20 10 2009

This #nogod trending topic on Twitter reminds me of when I was a freshman at Georgetown, and I took the required first-year religion course — The Problem of God. When my extremely religious father saw my schedule he flipped out. “The problem with God? What is the problem with God?” I could have told him my problem, but instead I responded, “It’s of God, Dad. OF” I mean, seriously. It’s a Jesuit college. I’m pretty sure they don’t have a problem with God. Maybe that’s why I didn’t really fit in there.




5 responses

20 10 2009

What problem and which god?

21 10 2009

I guess the course really should have been named — The Debate About a Higher Power. It was a study of various philosophies regarding the existence of a higher power.

21 10 2009
26 10 2009
Michelle Garrison Hough

If there’s a God problem, humans created it…and it’s a delusion.

26 10 2009

Oooh. I haven’t read that book yet. I got it for Roger and haven’t borrowed it yet. It sounded interesting. So does the Norman Mailer book.

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