Monday Night Shopping Spree

20 10 2009

Like many parents, especially in these times when many are in dire financial straits, Roger and I are on a budget. We’re by no means poor, but we’re not exactly well-to-do either. I have always put aside money for savings and retirement, but when Azita was born I stepped it up a notch. I’m absolutely terrified of one of us losing a job now that everyone is losing their job and not having a big, fat savings cushion for us to land on. Add to that all the extra expenses that come with having a child (childcare, anyone?), and you can see why I haven’t added to my collection of Marc Jacobs purses in over a year.

It’s been hard, I’ll admit. I mean, I love fashion. New clothes make me happy, and I’ve been denying myself that pretty big dose of happiness for quite some time now. On top of all that, it doesn’t help that for the past 9 months I’ve been gradually losing the baby weight, so NOTHING FITS! Yes, I had to yell that. Every morning has been a depressing exercise. What fits me? Now what in that really small pile can I put together that is decent enough for an office and makes me feel at least somewhat presentable.

Well, I’ve had it. So last night on went on a big, wild shopping spree under my bed. Yes, you read that correctly — under my bed. I crossed that final frontier. I opened up the suitcase that stored all my pre-pregnancy clothes and tried them on. And, guess what? Most of them fit. Some of my clothes were a little more snug in places they weren’t so snug before. Things are definitely shifted around. But, I CAN FIT IN MY PRE-PREGNANCY CLOTHES! I really, really had to yell that.

I did finally get rid of some things. Things I will likely never fit in again. Things I’m not sure are all that appropriate for a mother to be wearing, even one like me with very few fashion boundaries. But my closet is now full again, and I am really happy. And best of all, I didn’t spend any money and I also lost some weight damn it. That’s way more fabulous than a Marc Jacobs purse.




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