I Can’t Remember This Post

2 11 2009

I swear that over the past three days I’ve thought up a minimum of 10 posts that I just had to write. I hope you enjoyed reading them or at least imagining what they were about if I actually wrote them.  I really think they would have been superb species of the blog post variety. The issue here isn’t that I got lazy or even had writers block, something I’m really familiar with since I was afflicted with it until T-8 hours before every single paper I ever wrote in college. The reason is much simpler than that. I’m pretty sure I have early onset senile dementia. Seriously.

The symptoms of senile dementia are…Ok I won’t list the symptoms, because I don’t really have any of them. What I have is actually more like imaginary dementia. But I really did forget every single post I sat down to write over the past few days and I mean within minutes of sitting down to write them. As in, I think of something to write about, run to my laptop, sit down, select to add a new post and nothing. My mind becomes blank. I can’t remember anything other than my throbbing head, stuffy nose and achy muscles.

So I guess what I really have is a cold and extreme exhaustion since Azita has also been a bit under the weather, refusing to eat, and therefore waking up constantly during the night to complain of her hungry tummy and to cough up a lung. Also, Roger just interrupted me to give one of his spiels that he finds oh so adorable where he incessantly asks me questions one after another to give me a preview of what Azita’s toddler years will be like and then doesn’t take the hint that I really just want him to shut up already. Sheesh. Now I can’t remember what I was going to write next.

I probably should go to bed now, especially since I have to wake up at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow to vote and workout before work and Azita will likely be up and starving for some milk since she again refused to eat much of anything today. But, actually I can’t remember what the but is, but it really was something.

All this is to say that I’m sorry for rambling. I’m just trying to cover up the fact that I forgot what I was going to write about, and I can’t remember the previously-written paragraph of this post let alone the first sentence. So, yes, I have no idea where I’m coming from or where I’m going to and therefore cannot be expected to write anything intelligible in between.

Now I really will go to bed and hope that when I wake up in the morning I will actually remember what I’ve wanted to share with the world these past few foggy days. Copious amounts of coffee will surely help with that. I’m winking at you now, Roger.




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