The Visitors

3 11 2009

It’s not often that I appreciate it when the entertainment industry re-envisions a classic tv series or movie. I thought V would fall under the unappreciated category, but after watching the first episode I think it will be sticking around in my queue of recorded shows for a while. It’s hardly a classic in the, well, classic sense of the word. But, the original series does hold a special place in that pretty big section of my heart devoted to science fiction and other forms of geekery. I can still remember watching the original series in the 80s, as I was becoming a teenager. It instilled terror and distrust in me after every episode, in a good and imaginative sort of way. Surely many people I knew were really lizard people in human clothing. That would explain everything, like why my PE teacher was such a douche and why the jocks in my geometry class were even bigger d-bags. I’ll admit that during my c-section I had a very fleeting thought that maybe, just maybe my doctor would pull Azita out of uterus and we’d discover she was an alien baby. And then what would I do? WHAT WOULD I DO?  We’re doomed I tell you.

The point is that it wasn’t the best show, but it did kind of stick with me. Not in the same way as Star Trek — all of the series — and the Star Wars movies. But in its own special way. So yes, I was a little excited to see that there was a remake, but I also anticipated hating the crap out of it since “the original was so much better.”

Like I said, I think I’ll see where this remake takes me. The visitors are much more creepy than in the original and as my friend Cara pointed out the special effects are much better. Roger did point out that the whole fascist undertone that really amped up the fear factor of the show was much stronger in the original. I’d have to agree, but I think that’s more a result of different times and that’s a good thing I guess. Anyways, it was just the first episode, and there’s more creepiness to come, I hope.




One response

4 11 2009

I really enjoyed the show! I watched it as a kid, but honestly didn’t remember that much of the story. I deliberately didn’t watch any of the marathons of the original show they’ve been running the last few days because I didn’t want it to affect the experience of the new one. With any luck, this will be the next Battlestar Gallactica.

PS – Just finishing up Shadow of the Wind and I LOVED it! Great recommendation!

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