Bathroom Breaks

10 11 2009

Yesterday when I picked up Azita from daycare, she pulled away from me, reaching out for her caretaker, Miss Gail,  and started whining just short of a real cry. I know she was tired because she refused to nap at all yesterday, but it still stung. And, it’s not exactly a one-time thing either since this morning, she wriggled out of my arms as soon as we set foot in the door. She didn’t look back in my general direction as she crawled away. She didn’t look up and smile when I said bye-bye and waved my arms around like a maniac. She showed no indication that she remembered me. My daughter is leaving the nest already, and she’s not even a year old. And all I can do about it is take a few breaks at work to hang out in a bathroom stall and cry.




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