Grit Your Teeth and Smile

11 11 2009

Looking back over this week’s posts I realize I’ve been a real downer. I was going to write about the execution of John Allen Muhammad today since it’s been weighing heavily on my mind these past few days, but I really need to lighten up. There’s plenty of time to return to more serious topics, but for today I’m going to grit my teeth and smile. Actually, I don’t really need to grit my teeth that hard, because Azita learned a new “trick” and it is so seriously cute. Seriously. Very seriously. See…

10Months 086

Not convinced? How about from this angle?

10Months 088

I dare you to deny the cuteness. And, yes, I do know that in a couple years I’ll be wishing she never learned this as I try desperately to get her to stop sticking her tongue out at authority figures, but whatever. I’m enjoying the cuteness right now because it makes me laugh. Seriously laugh. Kind of like this:




2 responses

13 11 2009
Michelle Garrison Hough

Hi Zahra,

The tongue trick is super cute! Does she lick you yet?? My boys lick me and say “meow.” Weird family.
We are so sad we won’t meet you this weekend, but hopefully you can come up in the future.

Are you planning on writing a book? You said your posts have been “downers” lately, but those posts are very touching and soulful. Have you ever read or heard of Asma Hasan? I went to law school with her. I haven’t been in touch with her in years… she wrote a book about young Muslims in America. I know that you are not religious, but she wrote about a lot of the cultural integration issues. I think we need good, strong writers like you and Asma in our culture to help us have more understanding and compassion for a culture that we completely misunderstand.


14 11 2009

Michelle, That is so cute. She licked me for the first time yesterday or the day before — can’t remember which. It was so funny when she did it. Also, when I stick my tongue back out at her she always reaches out and touches it. I think she’s really just discovering all the different parts of the face. Last night, she was really obsessed with my eyeballs. That wasn’t so pleasant.

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