Holiday Shopping List

12 11 2009

Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas and just how excited I am for the holidays this year? Oh wait, I have.

Today I realized that Thanksgiving is really just around the corner, and as soon as we’re done giving thanks it’s time to get a tree and start decorating. The issue is that we’ve never really done a tree. We always decorate our home, but a tree hasn’t factored in. We just don’t have the space. We have decided to make the space this year, so some shopping must be done. Here are some things I have my eye on for this holiday season.

I love natural, homey looking ornaments and decorations. I think our tree this year will be trimmed with felt, wood, ribbons, and cranberry and popcorn garlands. I love these adorable wooden mice from Crate and Barrel:


Photo copyright owned by Crate and Barrel.

A set of three is $14.85, but a recent window-shopping expedition on turned up similar ornaments at the great price of $9.99 for 6. So, I think I’ll be going the  Target route with these. I did already buy a few baubles from Crate and Barrel, like these:


Photo copyright owned by Crate and Barrel

and these:


Photo copyright owned by Crate and Barrel.

Now, let’s talk tree toppers. Tree toppers are the type of thing that can become part of family traditions and get passed down to your children. I’m really torn about our tree topper. What I really want is this:


Photo copyright owned by Anthropologie.

And, if I had $398 to spare, this work of art would be passed down to Azita one day. The times, though. They are not conducive to a pricey tree topper, so I’m still looking. If anyone knows of any beautiful and unique tree toppers that won’t break the bank, please let me know. Meanwhile I’m scouring Etsy.

Finally, there’s Azita’s presents. Luckily Santa has that under control, and I wouldn’t want to ruin his surprise. So, pictures of Azita’s Christmas bounty will come after Christmas.




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