There’s Something About Saeedis

14 11 2009

I love my family. They are crazy and joyful and beautiful and wise and kooky and all sorts of other things. Every human characteristic can be found in nearly every family member, and for every characteristic they each exhibit they have an equal but opposite one that balances it out. We are all individuals. Our get-togethers are seriously insane and can make even the most adventurous person feel a little bit uncomfortable, but they are also full of warmth and love. You may feel a little awkward in our presence, but you will also be well-fed and embraced as family. My family is a giant paradox and a very extreme one at that. Like many Iranians, we are a passionate bunch and our moods can be extreme. A small disagreement can turn into a month or even year long falling out, but when we get back together our affection for each other is equally extreme. We really will go to the ends of the earth for each other, and I am very aware of how special this is. Believe me when I say that I am so very grateful to have had and continue to have these people in my life.

Azita’s birth has made me even closer to my family. I want her to love them as much as I do and to feel as safe as I do when I am around them. I already know she is there.

10Months 074

Can’t you see the love in her eyes as she looks at my dear daee Mahmoud? He is my favorite uncle. I hope she learns from him how to enjoy life and really live it. Kind of like my uncle’s children have.

10Months 037

My cousin Bardia snuggles with Azita

10Months 029

My cousin Taimoor, the artist. He is a brilliant musician.

10Months 044

My cousins Maryam and her husband, Mersad

I love them, and I know Azita will, too.




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