Being Thankful: Part 2 and WTF, TV

24 11 2009

Today I have a lot of little tidbits I want to share, but I’ve already committed to being thankful this week. So, I’m going to be thankful and then move on to some other more pressing topics. Topics like, WTF is wrong with television networks. Why do they play 5 episodes of a new show and get me hooked then tell me that I have to wait 4 WHOLE MONTHS for it to start back up again. Seriously? That’s how they want to play this. If I wasn’t already hooked on V, I’d tell ABC to go suck it. But now I have to wait until March 2010 for it to start back up again, and I’m not committed enough to my anger over the whole scenario to boycott the show. I have no self-control sometimes. I need to work on that.

Anyways, speaking of work and being thankful. Today I’m feeling a little thankful that I have work. As much as I whine about having to leave Azita 5 days a week to go work in an office, I am thankful that I have an office to go to. An office that will give me a paycheck. Having been unemployed for a whole year once, I can really feel for all of the unfortunate people who are part of the statistics quoted in the news every month. It is a horrible feeling to be unemployed, and it honestly puts the fear of unemployment in you. I am constantly fearful of losing a job at a time when I can’t afford to lose one. So, I am thankful. Thankful that I have a paycheck, because right now I really need it. Thankful that while I am in a position where I have to reside in an office for much of the week, at least my work is challenging and interesting enough to make the week fly by. Usually.

You know what else is interesting? How seriously bloated Roger’s head has become thanks to yesterday’s post. I am half tempted to delete that shizz and act like it never happened. But, I’ll admit that big head Roger is kind of more fun to banter with sometimes, so maybe I’ll leave it up.

By the way, that was some segue into the previous paragraph, huh? I say this because have I mentioned how idiotic I find the talking heads of News Channel 8? (That totally made sense, because I have heard the stupidest segues in the whole wide world on that news show) I don’t know why I watch that crap every morning. Oh wait, I remember. BECAUSE I WANT TO SEE THE EFFIN WEATHER. Yes, somehow I think it will be faster to hear them tell me whether or not I should pile on the warm clothes, wear a raincoat, or otherwise make weather-inspired adjustments to my daily attire, than to just look up the weather online. Instead the one guy who looks like Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle basically reads the entire contents of the entertainment section on Google News to the camera. And, he acts like 1) people care what he talks about and 2) he is enlightening us with something truly amazing, like proof of the Riemann hypothesis. He makes me crazy, and yet I watch this drivel every morning. Someone needs to motivate me to find the remote control and use it. STAT!




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