NaBloPoMo, Go!

1 12 2009

I’ve decided to participate in the December 2009 National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). All I have to do is post something every day. Every. Single. Day. I’m not really sure what I’ve gotten myself into, but I do know that on the days that I write something, no matter how little or about how inane a topic, I feel better. Now that things are so hectic and kind of bad at times, I really need to write more. So, I’m making the time to do this, because it’s just the medicine I need.

Speaking of medicine, Roger, Azita, and I have all been sick for a few days. It sure sucks, and it adds to my general malaise about life as of late. The bonus to this sickness is that when I use the nasal aspirator on Azita (I know this is disgusting, btw) lots of gunk gets sucked out, and it makes Azita giggle madly. Another thing that brings on the giggle attacks is when I blow my nose. So lets just say there’s a lotta lotta giggling going on lately. And there’s nothing better than a good giggle to chase away the grumpies.

Well, there it is, post 1 out of 31. I guess that means that all systems are GO!




3 responses

2 12 2009

If she hates the bulb aspirator, try a Nosefrida “snotsucker” instead, babies like it better….

2 12 2009

Ginger advertize for Nosefrida that I found disgusting and very expensive!
There are some battery operated nasal aspirators more hygienic than this $16 straw……

3 12 2009

I’m intrigued by the Nosefrida. I’ve seen several rave reviews of it on a few different parenting discussion boards I frequent. A battery operated nasal aspirator sounds equally intriguing, but I am curious about the “expensive” comment. All of the battery operated aspirators I’ve found are much more expensive than the Nosefrida, and they produce more waste — used batteries and the disposable nozzle tips which you have to toss every day. I have to say that I’m leaning more towards the Nosefrida at the moment.

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