The Fourth Stooge

4 12 2009

I’m trying to remember why I decided to sign up for NaBloPoMo in December of all months. Not only are there a ton of holiday related activities and a trip to North Carolina to visit my sister, but there’s also our yearly appointment with our friend the common cold. It’s a standing appointment for sometime in the month of December, preferably as close as possible to Christmas so as to put a nice, heavy damper on the holiday cheer. This year is particularly special, because not only do Roger and I get to be ill together, but Azita gets to join us. This means for those of you who don’t know, i.e., aren’t married or living in some capacity with a man, that I get to take care of two babies while I’m also feeling like mess. Yup, that’s December for you.

When am I going to find time to write something every single day? I suspect there is going to be a whole lotta cop out posts where I find the cutest, most recent picture I can find of Azita and post it with a short caption in the hopes that no one notices that the busy has chased all the post ideas out of my head.

For example, I could post a picture like this one of Azita with my two favorite men.

Look at how they are both gazing at her like the little goddess she is. If she has this much power at 11 months, I can’t even imagine how many men will be twisted around her pretty little fingers when she’s older. Sheesh. You’d think she was doing something truly spectacular, like demonstrating her new favorite trick…

poking people in the eye. She’s a regular Stooge this one. If she’s not pulling your hair or head-butting your nose, she’s now poking you in the eye. I know she’s a wee little thing, but she can really do some damage. And when I try to admonish her she laughs. At me. To my face. I swear, I’m not kidding anyone. I have no power in this relationship of ours. But power is overrated anyways.




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