The Precious

14 12 2009

The precious

Sometimes when no one is around, not even the cats, I talk to Azita as if I’m Gollum and she’s THE ring. I mean I do the full on Gollum voice and everything. Feel free to judge.


I Wish I Was…

14 12 2009

When I was a kid I used to play this little “game” with myself where I’d invent the person I wish I was. It went something like this. I’d decide I wished I was the most popular girl in my class. But then I realized that I liked my hair better than hers, so I’d want to be her but with my hair. Oh, and as long as I’m fixing things I may as well want Brooke Shields’ face. And Einstein’s genius, and the ice skating talent of Dorothy Hamill and the singing voice of Eartha Kitt and…you get the idea. Actually, as long as I’m confessing this silly game, I’ll confess that I didn’t just do this when I was a kid. I’ve wished to be a pastiche of people basically my whole life. Things seemed to have changed since Azita was born though. I’m pretty happy being myself. I still wish for different life circumstances at times, but I basically like who I am at the moment. It only took me 36 years. Maybe by the time I’m 40 I’ll be really happy with me.

Urban-Suburban Nativity

9 12 2009

The birth of Jesus, Arlington-style

I lived in Baltimore for a few years, so I am familiar with and appreciate eccentricity in a locale. Arlington is not quite the stuff of a John Waters movie, but it has its share of quirkiness. The above scene greeted us as we entered the parking garage that houses the Arlington Civitans community garage sale for the last sale of 2009. Can you see why I heart Arlington?

Sunday Night Dinner

6 12 2009

Since it’s NaBloPoMo and I did commit to posting every day in December, here goes. This will,however, be a short one since it’s been a long, but lovely, day. I’m winding down from a dinner with some of my favorite family, and I’m realizing why so many families have a Sunday night dinner tradition. It’s such a great way to end the week and to start a new one. The love and laughter, the good food, the conversation. I can’t think of anything nicer. Anything that makes you feel connected to other people so completely. It’s something I’d like Azita to know and experience, and I suspect that Sunday night dinner may become a regular thing in the Hughlett-Safavian household.

NaBloPoMo, Go!

1 12 2009

I’ve decided to participate in the December 2009 National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). All I have to do is post something every day. Every. Single. Day. I’m not really sure what I’ve gotten myself into, but I do know that on the days that I write something, no matter how little or about how inane a topic, I feel better. Now that things are so hectic and kind of bad at times, I really need to write more. So, I’m making the time to do this, because it’s just the medicine I need.

Speaking of medicine, Roger, Azita, and I have all been sick for a few days. It sure sucks, and it adds to my general malaise about life as of late. The bonus to this sickness is that when I use the nasal aspirator on Azita (I know this is disgusting, btw) lots of gunk gets sucked out, and it makes Azita giggle madly. Another thing that brings on the giggle attacks is when I blow my nose. So lets just say there’s a lotta lotta giggling going on lately. And there’s nothing better than a good giggle to chase away the grumpies.

Well, there it is, post 1 out of 31. I guess that means that all systems are GO!

Grit Your Teeth and Smile

11 11 2009

Looking back over this week’s posts I realize I’ve been a real downer. I was going to write about the execution of John Allen Muhammad today since it’s been weighing heavily on my mind these past few days, but I really need to lighten up. There’s plenty of time to return to more serious topics, but for today I’m going to grit my teeth and smile. Actually, I don’t really need to grit my teeth that hard, because Azita learned a new “trick” and it is so seriously cute. Seriously. Very seriously. See…

10Months 086

Not convinced? How about from this angle?

10Months 088

I dare you to deny the cuteness. And, yes, I do know that in a couple years I’ll be wishing she never learned this as I try desperately to get her to stop sticking her tongue out at authority figures, but whatever. I’m enjoying the cuteness right now because it makes me laugh. Seriously laugh. Kind of like this:

Bathroom Breaks

10 11 2009

Yesterday when I picked up Azita from daycare, she pulled away from me, reaching out for her caretaker, Miss Gail,  and started whining just short of a real cry. I know she was tired because she refused to nap at all yesterday, but it still stung. And, it’s not exactly a one-time thing either since this morning, she wriggled out of my arms as soon as we set foot in the door. She didn’t look back in my general direction as she crawled away. She didn’t look up and smile when I said bye-bye and waved my arms around like a maniac. She showed no indication that she remembered me. My daughter is leaving the nest already, and she’s not even a year old. And all I can do about it is take a few breaks at work to hang out in a bathroom stall and cry.